Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Improving a Dreary Day

As far as weather goes, today was an abjectly dreary day in Annapolis Royal. While it may seem like a petty complaint, it certainly did not help matters that my internet connection at the O'Dell House Museum was mysteriously disabled today. In the winter I am quite content with cold and sunny days. I am even happy enough with the odd snowstorm because there is something nice about lighting a fire and hunkering inside. What I am not fond of are rainy days which melt the snow cover and ruin the outdoor skating rink. Today was one of those days. In what may be a first for Nova Scotia in January, we even had a thunder storm around noon.

So, while I sit here at my functioning home computer, I know that life could be much worse than dealing with a rainy day in a beautiful historic town. I figured that rather than grump I should try to add something positive to a dreary day. While looking through some of my personal photographs I noticed a few which have been taken at the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens. What better to add some colour to the gray than some photographs of flowers from one of my favorite landscapes. For those of you not familiar with the Historic Gardens, they are the ongoing friends and partners of the Annapolis Heritage Society. This site features seven cultivated acres with impressive collections of roses, rhododendrons, day lilies, heathers and countless other plants. Another interesting facet of the site is that they interpret the 405 year history of Annapolis Royal using different period plantings. From the reconstructed Acadian house to the 18th century Governor's Garden and the very proper Victorian Garden the history of our community is told in a way that would otherwise be impossible. Whether you are looking to explore a beautiful garden, wandering around for an evening stroll or just looking for some cheerful images on a January evening, the Historic Gardens is a worthwhile way to spend some time.

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