Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Pack of Heritage Hounds

We have just finished digitizing another large archival collection at the O'Dell House Museum. Nathan Sarty, who is working on a contract with us, has done some wonderful work by making our archival collections more accessible for researchers and anyone who is interested in photographic history of our community. I must admit that he has also made my life much easier by providing me with the fodder for many future blog posts. It is much easier to fight back potential writers block when you have a deep reservoir of archival images to draw upon.

The photographs in this post were taken by photographer Frederick Harris of Annapolis Royal. Most of his photographs were taken around the turn of the twentieth century. While I was looking through these images I noticed something in common with the Samuel Weare photography collection which we recently finished scanning. Both of these collections have a smattering of dog images. What I find interesting is that these dogs are not just an element in the background. These dogs either feature prominently or are the subject the image. From my experience, this is not common in archival photography. I must admit that I like the look on the face of the dog who is getting his ear scratched. He is obviously enjoying the experience.

All for now,


  1. What great photos! It looks like the lady in 1165 has two dogs - this one plus the one in 1047. Same bench, right?

  2. She may have owned two dogs but the bench is a bit misleading without the context of the rest of the collection. This was a prop that Harris used in a number of pictures. Most of the pictures with the bench seem to be taken near the old Annapolis Royal railway bridge on St George Street.