Monday, February 22, 2010

An Artifact Guessing Game

I had a very good day at work today. It was one of those days which starts out in a direction and ends up someplace entirely different. What caused the change in direction was that our new 18th century artifact arrived at the O'Dell House Museum in today's mail. This is the same artifact which I wrote about trying to get freed from Canadian customs last week. I was impressed with how quickly the package arrived once it had indeed cleared customs. With great excitement, Nathan and I opened the package to reveal an artifact which has probably not seen the light of day in Annapolis Royal in 250 years.

When we purchased this artifact we knew that there was a name on it. On closer inspection today (this was the first time I had seen the artifact in person) I realized that there was a second name on the piece. It was with this second name that my day vastly improved. This name allowed me to quickly develop a much broader history of the artifact. In fact, I actually found a secondary connection between this piece and a family who arrived in Granville as Loyalists. For those of us who enjoy researching the history of the Annapolis Royal region, it is very exciting when you can discover new information. It is even more exciting when that information relates to your new 18th century artifact.

Now, if you have not guessed, I am not going to reveal what the artifact is is this post. Rather than give away what the artifact is, I figured that I would hold out the suspense a bit longer. Rest assured, this is the repatriation of an important Nova Scotia artifact. For those of you who are interested in guessing, I have provided some clues in today's photographs. To my mind they are fairly easy clues but, I know the answer. While I know that some of you already know what the artifact is, I would be interested to see if anyone else can guess.

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