Thursday, February 25, 2010

Did Somebody Forget Something?

A couple of days ago I saw something which made me do a double take. As I was driving up St Anthony Street in Annapolis Royal, I saw a large pine box sitting at the gate to St Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery. This pine box looked for all the world like... well, it looked like a pine box that you would expect to find in a cemetery. There were no markings on the box. Nobody was standing around watching over it. It was just sitting there as quiet as the grave. Even for Annapolis Royal standards this seemed a bit odd to me.

In all honesty, I expect that the box belonged to the hardware store across the road. After a day or so the box disappeared and, since I have not seen any digging in the cemetery, I figure that it was probably collected by its owner. It was probably the packing crate for a bathtub or some other large piece of equipment. With the ground still frozen we do not tend to see many burials whether they be bathtubs or more ephemeral material.

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