Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Golden Post

We don't have a TV at our house. Well, let me amend that statement. We do have a functioning TV which is hooked up to both a DVD and a VCR (we're old school). What we do not have is a TV with an outside feed. There is no satellite or cable signal which comes into our house. For that matter, we do not even pick up fuzzy CBC coverage on the rabbit ears. This did not start out as a lifestyle choice. There was no grand back to the earth type decision that was made to ban television signals from our house. In all honesty, it happened almost by accident. When we moved into our current house in October 2007 we were slow getting our system hooked up. After a week turned into a month, and a month turned into a few months, we realized that we really were not missing the TV. From that point on, we have just lived without it.

Most of the time this lack of reception is not a problem. I have had some awkward conversations about the latest program or commercial but, nothing too upsetting. I do get some strange looks when I tell people we do not have a TV but, yet again, I can deal with it. Occasions where I do miss having a TV would be events like the gold medal hockey game which was played earlier today. As I have with many sporting events, I listened to today's game on the radio. It is not quite the same as watching the game but, there was just as much excitement in our house when Sidney Crosby scored his goal in overtime as there was across the rest of Canada. Best of all, I should be able to carve out a few minutes tomorrow at lunch time to see if I can find a computer feed of some of the highlights. Congratulations to all of the athletes who represented Canada during the past two weeks.

It is a good thing that Canada won the game today because I was thinking that we would need to haul out the rough looking group of hockey bruisers in today's picture for a potential rematch. This image of the St Andrews Boys School team was taken in 1902. Before it closed in 1906, the school was located in the William Ritchie House on St George Street in Annapolis Royal. Today this house would be better known as the Queen Anne Inn.

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