Friday, February 12, 2010

Heritage Days 2010 - Part 1

Well the first day of Annapolis Royal's Heritage Days 2010 has come and gone. It was quite an interesting day with no less than four people giving presentations on the history of sports and recreation in our community. The festivities began with Peggy Armstrong giving a lunch time presentation on the 85 year history of the Annapolis Royal Golf Club (originally the Hillsdale Golf Club). As always, Peggy's presentation was well researched and full of humour. I quite enjoyed this presentation since there were a number of elements of our local story which I did not previously know. At the end of the presentation we gave out our first set of Annapolis Olympic medals to the winner of the indoor putting competition.

For the evening events at ArtsPlace, we had three individuals presenting different stories about our sporting heritage. With a background of exotic animal masks made by students at the Annapolis Academy, Alan Melanson first presented a short video taken when the Olympic torch passed through Annapolis Royal late in 2009. Grant Potter, Recreation Director for the Town of Annapolis Royal then took the stage to show archival images which he has been gathering over a number of years. Grant is the gentleman shown in the pictures. Finally Ern Dick presented the 1948 NFB documentary "When All the People Play" which was filmed around Annapolis Royal. All in all, this was a fun walk through elements of our community's history which may not be the parts which are commonly discussed.

After a busy opening day, we still have a few days worth of events to come. For the remainder of events and times for heritage day please check the schedule. By the way, the bottom image is of the sunset over the Annapolis Basin tonight. It was too pretty to leave out.

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