Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heritage Days 2010 - Part 2

Ok, I will call it a lesson learned. While I have frequented the skating rink at the Annapolis Royal Farmer's Market, I have not actually played hockey in a number of years. It has been even longer since I have played boot hockey on ice. But, in the spirit of the Annapolis Royal Family Olympics, I decided to play boot hockey earlier today. Now that I have had the chance to come home and have dinner, I am finding that I ache in places that didn't once ache after playing hockey. I think the move that put things over the top was diving at a loose puck to try to knock it in the net. For the record, I scored the goal but I may have lost the war. The hockey pictures in this post were taken after the game had broken up and a few hardy souls kept on playing.

Despite a few aches at the end of the day the Annapolis Family Olympics seem to have gone over very well. Perhaps the most interesting event was the snow soccer at Fort Anne. Apparently soccer in the snow was not enough of a challenge. This game featured three teams, three nets and three balls. While it looked like a lot of fun for those playing, it was a bit difficult to follow as a spectator. I also have a feeling that a couple of the parents playing in this game may be regretting a few sporting decisions tonight as well.

Lovely Parks Canada medals were awarded for distance sliding, snow sculpture, snow soccer and kicksled races. Annapolis Royal's Receration Director Grant Potter even received a suprise award for his work this year building the Farmers Market rink. A representative from Nova Scotia Health Promotion was in town to give Grant the coveted Hoser Award. I kid you not, they call it the Hoser Award. Only in Canada.

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