Monday, February 15, 2010

Heritage Days 2010 - Part 4

Despite the Olympic games which are currently happening on the other side of the country, I do not think that there was a more jubilant person today than Valerie Davies. Today was the long anticipated launch of Valerie's book The Salt of the Earth. This book is a collection of articles which Valerie has published in the Annapolis Spectator in recent years under the title "Our People". The 50 articles feature the stories of local residents. Most of those featured are seniors who tell stories of our community in their youth. Others tell the tales of what brought them to our community. When assembled in this format you quickly see that, for a small town, we live in an interesting and diverse community.

One of the great strengths of this book is that Valerie has often chosen to write about the unsung members of our community. Many articles have been written about the grand individuals whose lives play out in the public eye. This book ignores those grandees. The Salt of the Earth concentrates on those who make significant contributions to the community while not getting the accolades. Those featured in this book are indeed the salt of the earth.

I really was overjoyed to see the size of the crowd at the book launch today. We had an absolutely packed house at the Treasure Company Coffee House. While this is a testament to the stories which Valerie has written, it is also a a response to her tireless work as a community volunteer. With boundless energy, you can alway rely on Valerie to be a willing and good spirited volunteer. If you are interested, the book is available for sale at the O'Dell House Museum in Annapolis Royal. Congratulations Valerie.

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