Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Port Royal Habitation in the Snow

I have made my admiration for the Port Royal Habitation well known in the past. Not only does this site deal with a fascinating piece of North American history but they have some of the best historical interpreters I have had the privilege to meet. Believe me, this is not faint praise. Being a museum nerd of the highest order I have met more than my share of interpreters. Also, having spent at least part of my time as a museum interpreter over the past 15 years, I have developed some very definite ideas of what passes for good interpretation. If you have not had the opportunity to visit this site recently, I really would recommend a trip. I would also recommend taking some time to interact with the very knowledgeable staff.

Now, the images in today's post are not how the vast majority of visitors will ever see the Port Royal Habitation. Since this reconstruction of the 1605 settlement of Pierre duGua Sieur de Monts and Samuel Champlain is open to the public in the summer months, I am sure that most visitors leave with an image of perpetual summer in their minds. I figured that I could offer a few images of how this site looks during the coldest part of the off season. Without a doubt it is a little less welcoming at this time of year. While I did not get to chat with any of the friendly interpreters I still enjoy being able to wander the site and bask in the history.

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