Saturday, March 27, 2010

Annapolis Digby Tourism Showcase

Today was the day of the Annapolis Digby Tourism Showcase in Cornwallis Park, Nova Scotia. While we were not as busy as some trade shows, it was still an excellent opportunity to meet with other people in the tourism business and to spend some extra time with the people who were there. It was nice to see some friendly faces and find out what they have planned for this summer. I also appreciate the opportunity to tell potential visitors about what we have to offer in our community. We have a wonderful community and there is no need to hide this under a rock.

As we have the past few years, we teamed up with our friends from the Historic Gardens and our local Parks Canada sites of Fort Anne and Port Royal to build our displays. We were also lucky to be located beside the booths for the Town of Annapolis Royal and the Annapolis Royal 300th Anniversary. One of the advantages of working with the Gardens is that we usually have a lovely flower of some kind in our booth. This event was no exception as we had a early blooming magnolia on display. Another perk of working with the Gardens is that we get to play "Pollinate the Flower". The idea of the game is to get the ball, which is painted like a bee, to roll up hill and drop it into the flower. This game has kept people entertained for hours at trade shows. In the top image Alan Melanson (of graveyard tour fame) is shown in his circa 1605 costume wearing the dinosaur hat that he won.

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