Monday, March 22, 2010

On the French Basin Trail

Over the winter we have been quietly working with the folks at the Clean Annapolis River Project to create and install a series of interpretive signs around the French Basin Trail in Annapolis Royal. These signs will discuss both the natural and cultural history which can be found along the trail. If you would like a less obtuse way of stating the same thing, we will have signs which discuss history as well as the local plants and animals. In preparation for the installation of the panels, Ian Lawrence and I have walked the trail a few times in the last few days. These walks were essentially to confirm our panel locations and to make any last minute adjustments to the stories we are telling. After all, there is really no sense in talking about the turtles in a place where you are not liable to see turtles. I must admit that it is also a fairly pleasant diversion to break up a day at work by walking around a nature trail. A bit of sunshine and fresh air halfway through the day makes the time slip away just a little bit faster.

The collection of pictures in this post were all taken during today's walk around the French Basin Trail. These primarily show Canada geese and muskrats but there are also a lot of other animals (especially ducks) in evidence. The geese and muskrats just happened to be offering the best photographic opportunities on this day. The little muskrat you can see swimming past the goose in the top picture actually turned around and chased the geese into the water. After some hissing and flapping of wings the geese hit the water and the muskrat carefully examined the spot where they were standing. I am sure that he was looking for some eggs to steal. I also had my eye on a couple of turtles but they plopped into the water before I could get a picture.

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