Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On the Rocks in Parker's Cove

There is something about a shipwreck that catches the interest of people. Maybe, as in the case of the Papa's Boys in today's post, it is because we are seeing a vessel out of it's element. The stark image of a boat stranded on a beach after the tide has receded is a haunting one whether you are looking at a ship from the age of sail or this modern scalloper. In other wrecks, ones where the vessel actually slips beneath the waves, it is entering a part of our planet that is ostensibly foreign to humans. With the exception of submariners and divers, most people will spend very little time under the water. Perhaps it is because we have something familiar in an unfamiliar setting that these wrecks hold so much interest. Why else would there be so much interest in the Titanic almost a century after the fateful night? In all cases, the potential loss of life from a shipwreck is a sobering reality.

Shipwrecks are probably an instance where we, as humans, can feel a bit of humility. Despite the fact that our species has been going to sea for millennia, we have still not been able to tame nature. The waves and wind continue to be their own master. A few moments of inattention can be the difference between a safe return to port and disaster. This is a chance to reflect that despite our best efforts that there are some things that are absolutely outside of human control. Truthfully, a bit of humility in the face of nature is probably a very good thing.

The Papa's Boys washed up on the shore of the Bay of Fundy just east of Parker's Cove, Nova Scotia last night. While it may not appear so from the spot I was taking pictures, the boat is stranded at practically a 90 degree angle from the shore. When the tide retreated (we have nearly 30 feet of tide on our part of the Bay of Fundy) she keeled over to starboard and has been sitting there ever since. An attempt to get the boat floating again was going to be made at high tide tonight. Hopefully they managed to get it floating since the tides are supposed to be a bit smaller for the next month. Whether it is floating or not I will eventually give an update of some form. If it gets free it will probably be making its way to the boat slip in Annapolis Royal for repairs. If it does not, it will be posing for pictures on the beach for a while longer.

As with all good rumors, I have heard a couple of stories of how this happened. The common element in all of the stories was that the crew was asleep. Despite the cause, it does not appear that anyone was seriously injured. A couple members of the crew actually thought that it was quite funny that I was taking pictures for the archives. I am sure that they did not think that their misadventure was going to be recorded for people to see generations from now.

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  1. Thanks so much for the post on the boat running aground .Yesterday the herald ran a little blurb online on it but I couldn't find anymore info until I came across you site.I grew up in Parker's Cove and always hungry for news and other articles on the Annapolis area. I really enjoyed reading the other articles on your site as well .I will be sure to bookmark
    so thanks again

  2. hmm, no mention of the "rumoured" alcohol involved ... that's ok .. only a rumour!

  3. As the story has developed, I have also heard the rumors of alcohol. Since I have no way to either prove or disprove the story, it can remain as a rumour. Thanks for noticing though.