Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sublte Signs of Spring

After yesterday's post about the Acadian deportation, I decided to go in a decidedly lighter direction today. Over the past couple of days I have been noticing that a few signs of spring are starting to appear. I of course make this statement in full knowledge that I live in Nova Scotia and we are liable to have another wallop of winter before we actually see anything as exciting as snowdrops blooming on the lawn.

I noticed the first sign of spring yesterday afternoon. When I was driving home I saw that the ice on the Annapolis River broken up and washed out with the tide. Since I was not there when it happened, I do not know if it broke all at once or slowly over the course of the day. Whichever way it happened, the ice pack has indeed left the river. As I do at this time of year, I will be spending the next few days watching the banks of the river to see if the ice cakes pile up in interesting ways. I have been able to get some interesting pictures of ice cakes when they stack up on the shore and melt into interesting designs.

The second sign of spring was more on the micro scale. In fact, I needed chance and a set of binoculars to realize that there was any change at all. A bit earlier today I noticed a red tailed hawk flying over the field in front of our house. I grabbed my set of binoculars to get a look at him only to realize that one of our kids had been playing with them. There was a fairly thick covering of kid finger prints on the lenses. By the time I had cleaned the lenses the hawk had flown off so I had to find something else to look at. The three goldfinches sitting on a rosebush seemed to be obvious candidates. When I focused on them, I was pleased to see that they are starting to come into their breeding plumage. All three had started to turn a brighter shade of yellow around the face with the male showing the first signs of a black crown. When birds start to develop their summer colours the warm weather can't be too far behind.

With spring on the mind I decided to flip through some of the various archival images which reside on my computer to see if there was anything happy and cheerful. I figured that a group of young girls wearing bows in their hair and holding dolls and teddy bears is about as cheerful of an image as I could find. This image comes from the Annapolis Heritage Society's Samuel Newton Weare collection and was taken around 1900.

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  1. I enjoy watching for the first little signs of spring too.

    My daughter drove down to NY last week and said there were thousands of Canada Geese all over the fields from Main on down. Perhaps they are on their way back home from the southern US? Maybe it's a sign of an early spring... well one can hope :)