Wednesday, March 17, 2010

That is one Big Lobster

This is going to be another short post tonight. We have company at the house this week so I am trying my best not to be entirely rude by retiring to the computer for long periods of time. The fact that the computer is located in our guest room is also cutting my writing time a bit shorter.

For some reason I am greatly entertained by this picture. As I look at this scene, I almost find it comical (although, I am sure the lobster would not agree). The gentleman in the picture has obviously put on his best suit an tie to have this photograph taken. His hair is nicely slicked to the side and he even has an embroidered handkerchief in his breast pocket. These are clearly his best "Sunday go to Meeting" clothes. You can sense a great feeling of pride that he has caught this humongous lobster.

What amuses me is that I find his clothes to be somewhat ad odds with the image of the lobster hanging in the air. This is not a man who was going to sit down in a plush New York restaurant to a lobster dinner. If you look at his hands you can tell that this is a man who has spent a life on the Bay of Fundy hauling traps and trawls. In this picture he almost looks like a magician who has just pulled a crustacean out of his hat. By the way, it is indeed a real (albeit cooked) lobster. Under magnification you can see lines of water running across its claws.

This photograph comes from the Paul Yates collection in the Annapolis Heritage Society Archives. Mr Yates was a professional photographer originally from Philadelphia who established a studio in Digby, Nova Scotia. This photograph was probably taken about 1910.

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  1. Paul Yates' wife Jeanette was my grandfather's sister.