Thursday, April 8, 2010

Annapolis Royal Chopper

Back in the days when our house had a television attached to a signal from the outside world (about two and a half years ago now), I was known to watch an episode or two of shows like American Chopper. There was something about the creative process surviving through a great deal of bombast which appealed to me. Once you cut through the yelling and screaming there was some impressive craftsmanship on display. What may also have appealed to me was watching the work of people who are skilled with motors and crafting metal. While I have been lucky enough to have spent some time blacksmithing, I have no more than a very basic working knowledge of motors. Despite my lack of practical knowledge, I do appreciate the form and function of motorcycles. I especially appreciate older bikes like the one in today's archival images.

The two images in this post come from the Sidney Payne collection at the Annapolis Heritage Society Archives. From a quick look, I believe that these images are of a circa 1915 Indian Motorcycle. Under magnification you can tell that it is the same motorcycle with two different riders posing. What confirmed this was that mud has run down the front fender in the same pattern in both images. I am sure that the bike is an Indian since it is written on the gas tank but, I am hoping that someone will be able confirm the date of the motorcycle. The more I look at the images the more fascinated I become with the long lines and strangely long handlebars on this motorcycle. I do hope that it would have been painted red like the photographs of older Indian Motorcycles I found online.

While these archival images are interesting, the Annapolis Royal region also has a tie to modern motorcycle culture. Over the past few years our neighbouring community of Digby has been developing the Wharf Rat Rally. If reports were accurate, we had almost 20 000 people arrive in Digby for this event last year. I have a feeling that these two images may be making a return appearance when we get a bit closer this year's Wharf Rat Rally.

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