Friday, April 9, 2010

Early Magnolias

The onset of spring is officially early in Annapolis Royal this year. You can tell that spring is early in a number of ways. At this point in the season we are seeing birds returning early, a greater number of bare legs on the street and some flowers are in bloom almost a month early. Not only are the daffodils and early variety of tulips starting but, I have seen a number of forsythia bushes in bloom. While these blooms have been catching my attention, I needed to pull the car over when I drove past the Annapolis Royal Court House earlier today. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the magnolias on the lawn were starting to bloom.

Over the past decade a group of volunteers has been busily planting magnolias in various locations around Annapolis Royal. These plants have found their way into public locations like like the Court House, cemeteries and the Historic Gardens as well as many private properties. These efforts led to our first magnolia festival last year. After a successful launch, a second festival is planned for the first two weekends in May. Hopefully the organizers will have some blooms left after these early bloomers have passed. Even if they do not, there will be enough interesting workshops and tours to make the festival memorable.

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