Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Estate of John Phillips - 1825

Today I am dipping back into Cronin Fonds at the Annapolis Heritage Society Archives to see if I can find something interesting. I always enjoy being able to take a look through this archival collection since I almost always learn something new. When you can find new archival material from the early 19th century it is always a rewarding search.

When I dipped into the boxes I found an inventory of the estate of local cooper John Phillips dated August 27, 1825. After a quick glance I knew that I had an interesting find. What I find fascinating about this document is how little material was included in the estate. We find Mr. Phillips coopering equipment, his clothing and a chest in which he probably kept much of his equipment. His possessions are detailed right down to his two pairs of home spun trousers. Obviously a man of fairly modest means, we find no furniture, livestock or property in this estate. As a social document showing the possessions of a working class man of the 19th century Annapolis County, this is a fascinating inventory. Sadly, I wish that I had found this document before assembling my coopering exhibit at the O'Dell House Museum a few years ago. It would have given me a whole new interpretive panel in the display. As a note, the spelling and grammar of the original document were maintained in the transcription.

By the way, the archival photograph in this post has nothing to do with the transcribed document. The photograph shows the Queen's Wharf in Annapolis Royal before it was rebuilt in 1908. Sadly, the wharf looks much the same way today.

Aninvintory of the Moveable Estate belonged to the late disceased W. John Phillips Taken by J. Worster & D. Haynes
1825 August 27th

#No 1 Rope Rack & Ball for coopers Windles ---- " 5 ~
No 2 three drawing knifes & hollowing knife ---- " 5 ~
3 one coopers ads one holling adds & board axe all @ " 7 6
4 Crows with two Irons, frow & Coopers Compasses--" 7 6
5 two jointers with Irons two brace bits with Irons - " 15 ~
6 six Trus Hoops ---- " 6 ~
7 five shirts 25 / two Pair home spun Trowsers 10/ ---- 1 15 ~
8 one Shooting Coat 15~ / 1 pair Trowsers 5~ / one weastcoat 10-- 1 10
9 one Great Coat 7 / 6 Weastcoat 5~ ---- " 12 6
10 two hats 20~ / one handkerchied 2/6 ---- 1 2 6
11 one Pair boots 25~ / one Pair 5~/ ---- 1 10 ~
12 one old bound jacket two Pair Drawers one leather apron " 11 ~
13 five old socks one stockin one shaving glass & 2 razors " 2 6
14 one Chest the Chest Belonged to Richard (?) Patrick " 10 ~

₤ 9 19 6

Sworn Appraisers of the above articles Granville
August 27th, 1825 ------Daniel Haynes
Jacob Woster

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