Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two New Starts

On Saturday morning members of the Annapolis Heritage Society Board of Directors gathered at the O'Dell House Museum to take a look at the property. I suppose that our purpose was to take a look at the property and see if there were any opportunities we were missing in our attempts to interpret the history of the Annapolis Royal region. Through the years much of our interpretation has been inside the museum and, as a collective, we felt that it is time to see if there are other stories to be told and other ways to tell these stories. Some of this interpretation will be done by further developing our gardens with period appropriate plants. Personally, I am hoping for a few heirloom apple trees for the yard. Other plans involve making more use of the backyard stage (which can partially be seen in the top image) and childrens programming to coincide with the Saturday morning Farmer's Market. The museum's backyard is a wonderful space and it will be interesting to see how we can make use of it.

While the morning was not particularly chilly when I left home, by the time I found myself on the Annapolis Royal waterfront I was starting to wish that I had worn a jacket.

As a final note for today, I am happy to let everyone know that I have started another blog. For those of you who have been faithful readers of this blog, please do not worry. I still enjoy the Annapolis Royal Heritage blog too much to set it aside. In fact, the new blog is in some ways supplemental to this one. The new blog, Annapolis County Headstones, will feature the artistry and history found on our local tombstones. After a great deal of thought, I have decided that the style of the posts will be very similar to the form I have established in the first few posts. Each post will have photographs of the stone and any interesting design details, a transcription and the particulars of where the stone can be found and its material. To keep the workload manageable, I am planning to only write a post or two per week with the new blog. Please have a look.

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