Saturday, May 29, 2010

300th Anniversary Party

The Annapolis Heritage Society is having a celebration this year. One of our sites, the Sinclair Inn Museum, is having a 300th anniversary. When it comes to wooden structures in Canada, this is a very special anniversary. The only other wooden structure which can claim this age is the deGannes - Cosby House which is also located in Annapolis Royal. As such, we are very proud and very excited to be the owners of such a unique piece of Canadian history.

Due to the complex evolution of the Sinclair Inn, the whole structure is not 300 years old. If you look at the top image and draw an imaginary line between the first and second windows on the side of the building, this two storey section is the oldest part. It is this section which was built by Jean Baptiste Soullard and Louise Francoise Comeau in 1710. The one storey section at the back of the house was originally located beside the Soullard House in the area which is now a parking lot. This house was built by Dr. William Skene and will turn 300 in 2012. These two early buildings were joined by Col. Frederick Sinclair in 1781. With the addition of a second floor and a change in the roofline we have the Georgian building which can still be seen on Saint George Street today.

On June 5, 2010 from 12 noon until 4pm we will be having our Sinclair Inn 300th anniversary festivities. Please join us for period animators and craftspeople, a visit from Queen Anne, bagpipers, lemonade, cake and a good deal of fun. As the week goes on, I will make another post or two about the anniversary with a bit more of the history of this fascinating building. Over the next few days I will also be highlighting North Hills Museum which will receive its Provincial Heritage Property designation on June 3rd at 6pm. Throw in the Nova Scotia Built Heritage Conference which is in Annapolis Royal June 3 and 4 and this has the makings of a busy week.

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