Wednesday, May 12, 2010

AHS 2010 Spring Meeting

A fairly short post tonight. I arrived home from the Annapolis Heritage Society's spring meeting a few minutes ago. I have had some time to put away the leftover snacks from the meeting (OK, I ate some of the cheese) and check the score in the hockey game, but I am still reflecting on the presentation we saw this evening. Our speaker tonight was former Parks Canada historian Brenda Dunn. Those of you who are familiar with the historical scene in Annapolis Royal will recognize Brenda as the author of the wonderful 2004 publication "A History of Port-Royal Annapolis Royal 1605 - 1800". Copies of this well researched book are never further than a quick reach both at work and at home.

Brenda's topic for tonight was the King's / Queen's Wharf which can be found on the Annapolis Royal waterfront at Fort Anne. By tradition, the name of the wharf is to change as a new monarch ascends the British throne. As with anything she does, Brenda's presentation was well researched and thoroughly documented. This was a fun evening if only to look at the different maps of Annapolis Royal which she used. Combine this with a great deal of useful information about one of the town's under appreciated historic sites and I was as pleased as can be. The image in this post comes from the Annapolis Heritage Society Archives and shows the Queen's wharf as it looked at around 1900.

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