Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blooms by the Sea - Part 2

I am safely back home in Annapolis County, but I am tired and fairly achy after spending three days standing on a concrete floor at the Blooms by the Sea show in Yarmouth so this will be another short post. The big attraction for today was Neville MacKay of My Mothers Bloomers in Halifax giving a very lively presentation of flower arranging. While I was at our booth during the presentation I could tell by the repeated laughter that this was a popular session. At the end of the presentation the arrangements were auctioned off and I was amazed by those I saw leaving the arena. I would like to congratulate the organizers for a successful event. We look forward to next year.

By the way, when I got back to the Annapolis Valley I was happy to be welcomed home by the sight of our cherry tree in full blossom. After a weekend of admiring flowers owned by other people, I was happy to see some of my own.

All for now,

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  1. smiles looks like yea had fun, even tho alot of standing