Saturday, May 22, 2010

Horsing Around - Part 1

When looking at this collection of images you should try to imagine modern car owners posing with their prized mechanical possessions. In the place of polished chrome and horsepower, here we have polished brass and horse power. To the people posing with these animals, they were every bit as valuable as cars and trucks are today. Horses were the way get to town, the way to haul loads and they way to get a great deal of work done around the farm. The added bonus of a horse was that you had a highly intelligent animal to work with rather than a noisy, smelly and mindless engine.

This collection of equine archival images comes from the Charlotte Perkins and Samuel Newton Weare collections at the Annapolis Heritage Society archives. We have many additional archival images of horses contributing to daily life in Annapolis Royal and area. I will try to revisit this topic at some point.

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