Monday, May 31, 2010

Provincial Heritage Plaquing

This is going to be a busy week in Annapolis Royal's heritage world. How about if we begin with the simple events and come to the larger ones. Tomorrow, June 1, marks the official start to the visitor season at both the Sinclair Inn Museum and North Hills Museum. After a long winter it will be a good opportunity to shake off the cobwebs and greet our visitors. Of course the the cobwebs are of the mental variety since our staff have been cleaning and preparing the sites for a couple of weeks already. I also encourage anyone who has the chance to visit North Hills so they can welcome our new interpreter, Wayne Smith.

While the seasonal opening of our sites is exciting, it is not really out of the ordinary. We expect our museums to open at this time of year. This week we are lucky to have a handful of events which would qualify as extra-ordinary. On Thursday and Friday, we are welcoming delegates from across the province to the Nova Scotia Built Heritage Conference. I have been part of the organizing committee for this event so I am very pleased to see things coming together. This should be a good conference filled with interesting sessions. On Saturday, we are marking the Sinclair Inn's 300th anniversary with a party in the afternoon. This event will have craftspeople, demonstrators, costumed animators and, hopefully, a great deal of fun.

Finally, on Thursday at 6pm, we will be hosting the official plaquing of North Hills Museum as it becomes a Provincial Heritage Property. While I am not fond of the verb form of the word plaque, it seems to be the correct word to use in this context. What I am fond of is the fact that the museum is officially being recognized for its heritage value and its contribution to the Nova Scotia landscape. This lovely saltbox structure has graced the Granville Road from as early as 1764. Home to the Amberman family from the 1780s until the 1960s, the building was donated to the province by Robert Patterson in 1974. Today the museum houses Patterson's astounding collection of Georgian porcelain, glass, paintings and furniture. Please join us for a plaquing, a BBQ and the chance to admire this beautiful building.

Because of all of the preparations needed this week, you are getting some recycled images from last season at North Hills Museum.

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