Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring Flowers

Over the past few weeks I have been madly snapping pictures as flowers come into bloom. I am sure that someone will look at my collection of random flower pictures at some point in the future and wonder why I was taking them. Truthfully, I don't really care. I have wondered the same thing as I look at archival collections which contain hundreds of black and white images of flowers. The logic for those photographers was probably the same as mine, I enjoy taking pictures of flowers so why not?

This collection of pictures were taken around my house. If you are looking for a direct heritage connection, take a look at the cherry tree toward the bottom of the post. This tree is so large that I can stand comfortably under the lowest of the branches. To reach this size this tree was probably planted shortly after our house was built in 1800. The trunk is gnarled from generations of woodpeckers who have hammered away at its surface. Like those who have lived here before me, I look forward to the blooms and the the fruit which is still made into jams, sauces and pies.

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