Sunday, June 13, 2010

North Hills Museum Heritage Property Designation

This may not be the most timely post that I have ever made, but I feel that the event was important enough that I should make some mention of it. When the Nova Scotia Heritage Conference was in Annapolis Royal in early June we had a special plaque unveiling at North Hills Museum. This plaque officially designated the museum as a registered provincial heritage property. Since I was busy with the duties of a member of the conference host committee, I diligently snapped a number of photographs of the plaque unveiling and told myself that I would make a post about this event when time permitted.

Now that some time has passed, I can look back upon the plaque unveiling and chuckle. All day long the weather stations had been calling for potential rain showers in the evening. While the day had started with bright sunshine, I have learned that Nova Scotia weather can change quickly when it feels the need. Apparently, shortly before the beginning of the BBQ we were having to celebrate the designation of the museum the weather felt the need to change. Change it did! By the time MLA Mat Whynott (Hammonds Plains) arrived to unveil the plaque we were in a full downpour. Conference delegates and members of the community who had gathered to see the plaque unveiling were forced to gather in the museum's garage. In some ways it was like an experiment as to how many heritage advocates you could fit into an enclosed space. Evidently you can fit a large number into a garage and keep them relatively happy if they are fed hamburgers and wine.

Despite the inclement weather, the plaque was unveiled and the building has gained an extra level of both protection and recognition. I would like to thank the staff at North Hills for the work they did to pull this event together. They were very excited about this designation and put their hearts into having the site ready to host the event. With the exception of the rain this was a wonderful event and we are very excited to be the most recent registered provincial heritage property in Nova Scotia.

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