Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nova Scotia Heritage Conference - Day 1

I suppose opening this post with an image of the deGannes - Cosby House is apt in a few ways. This building was the site of one of the tours sites during the first day of the Nova Scotia Heritage Conference. This house, built in 1708, is also the oldest wood framed structure in Nova Scotia. What better image than one of a 302 year old property which has been lovingly cared for and restored by its owners to sum up the feeling from the first day of the conference? Also, when the flags are out this house is such a striking image that I just had to snap a picture.

Now that the first day of the conference has drawn to a close I can take a few minutes to digest some of the material which was presented. Dr. Barry Moody and Harry Jost gave a wonderful presentation on their respective roles in the restoration of the 1747 Adams - Ritchie House during the 1980s. I found it quite interesting to hear the thoughts behind this project which is such an important part of the modern business district in Annapolis Royal. Other presentations ranged from municipal heritage planning to cemetery preservation. Between the presentations and the discussions with my colleagues there was a lot of good information exchanged today. You will notice from these images that we also recieved a visit of our circa 1710 Queen Anne. I received a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty as a "Purveyor for the Protection of Heritage"

Today was also the day of the plaquing of North Hills Museum as a Designated Provincial Heritage Property. I have a large number of pictures of this event but I will post them sometime in the next few days. For the time being, I am going to try to dry off after a rain soaked BBQ.

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