Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nova Scotia Heritage Conference - Pre Conference

This is another quick post at the end of a fairly busy day. Today was the last day before the Nova Scotia Built Heritage Conference gets rolling in Annapolis Royal. It was a day of making sure that T's and I's were crossed or dotted or even possibly had some squiggly lines through them. Mix in staffing interviews, a couple of issues to sort out with a liquor licence and an anvil which needed to be moved for our Sinclair Inn 300th Anniversary on Saturday and I am a bit sleepy as the clock heads toward midnight. Despite my 8am start tomorrow, I am happy that I do not need to move the anvil again until Saturday morning.

Tonight's preconference activities included an Order of Good Cheer Dinner at the Hillsdale House Inn and a tour of the Garrison Cemetery in Annapolis Royal. The dinner included an welcome by Annapolis Royal's Town Crier, a visit by famed historical explorer Samuel de Champlain and even a surprise appearance by Governor Charles Lawrence. While I was not an eating participant at the dinner I did get to sample some of the food thanks to some friends in the kitchen. I could have quite easily eaten a lot of the salmon which was served. Since I arrived at the dinner late I did not get many images of the main course but I did get one of the apple and pecan pie which was served.

The evening's activities finished with a tour of the Garrison Burial Grounds beside Fort Anne. I have been very clear in the past about my great admiration for Alan Melanson and his tour of the cemetery. I honestly think that this is the best interpretive tour I have ever seen. Although I have been on the tour many times Alan once again lived up to my expectations.

The conference itself kicks off tomorrow with sessions at the Annapolis Royal Legion and a 6pm BBQ at North Hills Museum. During the BBQ, the North Hills will officially receive its plaque as a provincially designated heritage building.

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