Friday, June 11, 2010

Nurse Gertrude

A couple of days ago I made another trip to Clarence, Nova Scotia to collect one of Bud Hamm's carvings for our collection new at the O'Dell House Museum. Although most of the collection has been at the museum since mid-winter, there were a few pieces which we did not want to transport until the weather was better. We are now getting to the carvings which we had delayed taking. Unlike the majority of his carvings which measure no more than a couple feet tall, the remaining few are all large statues. The statue of the nurse which we collected stands more than eight feet tall.

The statue which we collected was one done in the likeness of Bud's first wife Gertrude. It was with Gertrude that Bud made the fateful decision to return to their native province from Boston in 1956. In this carving she is wearing her nurses uniform complete with cap and white shoes. How I wish I had this statue this time last season when I was putting together an exhibit on the 100th anniversary of registered nursing in Nova Scotia. Oh well, it will be an important part of the Bud Hamm exhibit (entitled From a Simple Block of Wood) which I will be starting to assemble next week.

As you can see, we made use of the truck owned by Annapolis Heritage Society summer student Tim Cress. Now in his third summer with AHS, Tim and his truck are both valuable assets which get called upon for all sorts of strange jobs. After securing the statue around the chest and legs, we slowly made our way back to Annapolis Royal using as many back roads as we possibly could. The statue is currently standing in the backyard of the O'Dell House Museum. It is placed beside the well in a place where people walking down St George Street can see it. After only a couple of days I have already had a few people report that they were startled by the woman standing in the back yard.

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