Monday, June 28, 2010

Pictures of the Port Royal Habitation

When I was at the Port Royal National Historic Site for the Membertou 400 commemorations the other day, I decided to take a few minutes to collect some images of the Habitation itself. I have previously posted many shots of this site, but since it is such an important part of our local story I feel justified in revisiting this topic. Another reason for posting this collection is that in recent years my visits to the Habitation have been after hours or for some form of official business. My trip last week was one of the few times recently that I have been to the site as a "normal" visitor. Since I was at leisure I figured that I may as well see if there were any interesting images.

The Habitation is a 1939 reconstruction of the 1605 -1613 establishment built by Pierre duGua Sieur deMonts and Samuel Champlain. Ironically, the reconstruction has lasted far longer than the original building. I will freely admit that I like living history museums. Spending five seasons in period costume through my university years allowed me to learn the potential benefits and pratfalls for this sort of interpretation. Because of this, I am a keen observer of interpreters in their natural habitat. How are the stories being told? How do the guides interact with the visitors? Are there any anachronisms like wrist watches or sunglasses? On the whole, I feel that the staff of the Habitation are as good as any I have seen. They know their topic and they do a very good job of relating the story to their visitors. When you are at the Habitation you can feel the history that surrounds you. If you have not been for a while, it is worth putting a visit to the Port Royal Habitation on your summer itinerary.

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