Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sinclair Inn Museum 300th Anniversary Party - Part 2

Yesterday's post was the first installment of images that I captured at the Sinclair Inn Museum's 300th anniversary party. I figure that if you are lucky that you only get to participate in a handful of 300th anniversaries. When you are an active participant in the events, it makes sense to take a number of documentary photographs. I have now been fortunate enough to be part of the festivities for both the deGannes - Cosby House (1708) and Sinclair Inn Museum (1710) in Annapolis Royal. The next house to turn 300 is the Williams House (circa 1715) on St Anthony Street. If our dendrochronology (tree ring dating) testing is correct, after 2015 I will need to wait for a while until another house reaches its tercentenary. After the Williams House, the next Annapolis Royal house to celebrate its 300th anniversary will be in the 2040s.

Any good party relies on a number of factors coming together. I would like to thank the Department of Canadian Heritage who provided assistance to the various events in the Town of Annapolis Royal's 300th anniversary calendar. I would also like to thank Queen Anne and her entourage, our demonstrators, musicians and volunteers. Without these people, the event would have just been me standing in the rain feeling festive.

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