Thursday, July 15, 2010

Haul-up Close-up.

I had a couple of minutes to fiddle around with my camera at the Annapolis Royal Boat Haul-up earlier today. When I say a couple of minutes I am almost speaking literally. These images were taken in about five minutes as I was walking between the O'Dell House Museum and the Sinclair Inn Museum. Included in that five minutes was a conversation with Ian Lawrence who runs the boat haul-up. How nice it is to be able to stop, have an interesting conversation about local heritage, see ships carpenters at work and get some pictures as I move between museum sites.

While I was chatting with Ian, I realized that this particular perspective on one of the members of our local scallop fleet was rather unique. By their nature, boats are usually seen in the water with only their tops showing. When boats are hauled out of the water for maintenance, it offers a rare chance to see them from all angles. I figured that I could take a couple minutes to get some detail shots of the Acadian Prince which has been in for repairs for the last few weeks. With some new wood, a clean bottom and a fresh coat of paint this vessel will head back to sea tomorrow.

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