Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lower St George Street Paving

Now that I believe that the construction on Lower St George Street in Annapolis Royal is finally completed, I will share some images of the finished product. While this project, which started at the end of April, took longer than I had thought, I am quite happy with the results. The sidewalks are functional and they have a much softer look thanks to their exposed aggregate surface. In all honesty, I think that they look somewhat similar to the original granite curbstones which were re-installed. The curbstones themselves are a wonderful addition to this historic part of town. Hopefully, now that the barricades have been removed, we can start to get back to business as usual at the O'Dell House Museum. For the sake of comparison, the images at the bottom of this post were taken at the end of June and show the street as it looked shortly before paving began.

While wandering the street during the construction process I managed to find about two grocery bags worth of artifacts. As I have said many times, all of Annapolis Royal is an archaeological site. As I would have expected, the artifacts fell into a couple of main groups. We had heaps of pottery shards and glass fragments. Most of these fragments were from the Georgian and Victorian periods although there was at least one piece of pottery from the pre 1710 Acadian period. Metal objects including nails, a latch and a horseshoe were the next most common items. Other artifacts included clam shells, clay pipe stems, bones and other similar items you would expect to find in an archaeological dig.

Please feel free to take a walk or drive down to the O'Dell House Museum. The street is looking very good and, if I am in a good mood, I may even show you the collection of artifacts which were found during construction.

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