Thursday, July 8, 2010

Museum Evaluation Day

I am officially happy that today is over. Every three years the operations of the Annapolis Heritage Society are evaluated by a team from the Community Museum Assistance Program. Today was the day for our operations at the Sinclair Inn Museum and the O'Dell House Museum. Since North Hills Museum operates under a different set of guidelines, it does not undergo the same type of evaluation. I am just as happy that only two of the sites are evaluated in this way because it makes for a stressful period leading up to the big day. I understand that this is a good and worthwhile process. On the morning of the evaluation it feels something like cod liver oil for museums; good for you but not really something you want to go through. In the end this evaluation helps improve our operations and gives justification to the provincial money spent on museums so it is a good thing.

In this image you can see our evaluation team diligently pouring over our policy and procedures manual. They also made their way through our exhibits, collections storage areas, offices, databases, retail areas, and general building upkeep. This is a fairly thorough audit of our operations. Now all we need to do is wait until late September to find out how we did.

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