Saturday, July 31, 2010

Natal Day Weekend 2010 - Part 2

The Saturday of this year's Natal Day weekend was a beautifully sunny affair. While there were numerous events going on throughout the town, my day in Annapolis Royal was broken into three sections. As you will see from this post, only one of the sections was particularly photogenic. The morning and early afternoon were all about cooking hot dogs outside the Sinclair Inn Museum. We were able to sell some food to people coming or going from the Farmer's Market and add a few coins to the coffers of the AHS. I also had the chance to chat about some of our recent work with history professors from Acadia University and Universite Sainte Anne.

When we wrapped up the BBQ, I took a few minutes to watch the black powder firing at Fort Anne. Between the bright red uniforms of the re-enactors of the 84th Regiment, the white canvas tents and the green of the fort's infield grass, the encampment always makes for some interesting photographs. Historically,
the Royal Highland Immigrants were active in Annapolis Royal in the 1770s. Every year it is my personal challenge to get the best possible picture of fire shooting out of the muzzle of the muskets. Today's best effort is the top image. Tomorrow morning I will have another opportunity after the pancake breakfast.

The final part of my day involved working at the O'Dell House Museum to start to assembling our float for Monday's parade. As always, the carpentry skills of Ken Maher were very useful. I am not ready to unveil our completed float just yet, but the final image gives a hint about what we are trying to accomplish. The Charming Molly was the ship used to transport New England settlers to Annapolis County in 1760.

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