Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pictures from the Delap's Cove Wharf

This collection of photographs comes from a recent afternoon when I had a bit of time to fiddle around with my camera in Delap's Cove. There is something about this little port which always draws my attention. I think what appeals to me is that this is still a working wharf. Through the mixing of rock, concrete and salt water, there is a harsh beauty to be found here. With the exception of a collection of buoys painted to sell to the odd tourist who happens to wander down to the wharf, this is not a site which is made to look "olde timey". Here you can smell the mixing aromas of lobster bait and diesel fuel. If your timing is right you can watch the boats head out or watch them unload their lobster when they return. From the end of the wharf I have seen a variety of species including porpoise, northern gannets, long tailed ducks and a whale I could not identify. This is a very interesting spot.

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  1. Lovely photos. That's exactly what I like about the south shore villages, too: working fishing sites, nothing catering to the outsider's eye, and especially interesting because of it.