Friday, July 2, 2010

School's Out

While it has been a few years since I have been truly able to appreciate the joyous feeling of the end of the school year, I still have a few memories which tell me that this is an exciting time of year. Combine this with the fact that I have two family members in the local school system (one employed and one learning), and I can still muster some enthusiasm for the end of school. When I saw this image earlier in the day, I figured that this would be an appropriate (if only a few days late) way to bring school to a close. I should also provide the not so subtle reminder that although the school year is over that there are many things to be learned at your local museums.

What a wonderful one room school house this is. A wood stove set in the middle of the room would have provided heat for the whole class. I wonder if there was a pecking order among the students as to who was able to sit closest to the stove in the winter. Were a couple of students responsible for keeping the stoked. Was this a school of harsh discipline and the strap or was it a nurturing place of learning?

This image was probably taken about 1915, although I am dating it based on other images in the same collection. This is obviously not a foolproof way to date a photograph. Sadly, I do not have an exact location for this archival photograph. It comes from a collection taken by someone living in or around Granville Centre, Nova Scotia. Other images in this collection show Granville Centre landmarks All Saints Anglican Church and the Troop Octagonal Barn which have both sadly been deconstructed in the last year. I would be very happy to have confirmation of the location of this small school house.

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  1. I have a photograph taken in 2004 of an interior that I'm sure is from the same building. It's not far up the street (west, I think) from where All Saints, Granville, stood. One story, one floor, gable end to the street with a little lunette window in the gable and an entry vestibule. It was being used as storage at the time. I also have exterior photos. I would be interested to know when it was built. I had family in that area (Gesners and Ditmars) up to about 1875.