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5 Century House Tour - The Pickels-How House

I have said before that Annapolis Royal has more than its fair share of beautiful buildings. Without hesitation I would include the Pickels-How House on this list. This Arts and Crafts Style gem is an excellent example of the quality of houses which were being built in Annapolis Royal in the early 1920s. Ironically for a town which traces its origins to 1605, many of the current buildings in Annapolis Royal were built in the 1920s. Not only was this a era when residential properties were developed along School Street, but, in the wake of the devastating fires of 1920 and 1921, there was a total redevelopment of the town's business district.

The Pickels-How House was built about 1920 by Edward Collins for Frank and Lena Pickels. Frank was a prosperous shipbuilder who had spent many winters vacationing in Florida. In addition to a suntan, the family brought back plans to build a bungalow in the Arts and Crafts Style they had come to admire. This building must have caused quite a stir among the Annapolis Royal townsfolk when it was being built. The hallmarks of this house are obviously the off-center turret and the porch which wraps around one side of the house. The turret manages to draw the eye upward on a property which generally presents itself horizontally.

The house was purchased by John B. How as a retirement residence for his siblings Kathleen, Tom and Mary. It was subsequently owned by members of the How family until it was purchased by its current owners in 2006. Today, the house is an ideal backdrop for the current owners collections of Arts and Crafts furniture, pottery and assorted artifacts.

If you are interested in visiting the Pickels-How House tomorrow (Saturday, August 28) is your lucky day. This house is one of the sites on the 5 Century House Tour. At this juncture it is too late to recommend purchasing tickets online, but tickets will be available at the Historic Gardens and the O'Dell House Museum.

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  1. This is another house for my "One day I'll live there" list.

    Admittedly, there really aren't all that many houses in Annapolis Royal that DON'T make my list. ;)