Sunday, August 1, 2010

Natal Day 2010 - Part 3

The Sunday of Natal Day weekend is traditionally one of the busiest days if the year in Annapolis Royal. Today's events included a pancake breakfast at the fire hall, a soccer tournament, an old car show, a lizard show, an ecumenical service, the crowning of the new Queen Annapolis Royal, a sunset ceremony and fireworks. While I have pictures from many of these events, I am only posting images from tonight's sunset ceremony and fireworks at Fort Anne. I will make a post at the end of the weekend to share some of the other images I have collected.

I would hate to let this opportunity pass without congratulating our new Queen Annapolis Royal, Carrie Murray. Most years I do not have a favorite in this contest, but I decidedly did this year. Carrie worked for the Annapolis Heritage Society last summer and is genuinely one of the nicest people we have ever had working with us. I am sure that it was very special for her to have the crown passed to her by last year's Queen, her sister Heather.

If anyone is wondering about the last two images, this is what happens when you take pictures of children playing and wrestling while wearing glow sticks.

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