Monday, August 2, 2010

Natal Day Weekend 2010 - Part 4

Today was the day of the annual Natal Day grand street parade in Annapolis Royal. After a few weeks of collecting parts and tinkering with an existing design, we were ready to unveil our float to the world. The Charming Molly, the ship which brought members of the New England Planters to Annapolis Royal 250 years ago, was once again to be seen along the Annapolis waterfront. As for the parade, it is always nice to see the streets of this old town lined with people who are smiling and waving. I should also mention that it was nice to win the Judge's Special Prize for our float. We do have a friendly rivalry with our friends at Fort Anne, but it would be in poor taste to mention that they did not get a trophy this year.

Over the past few years I have learned that it is difficult to get good photographs of the parade if you are walking or riding a float. Your perspective on the parade is the the entries in directly in front or behind you. Sadly, between dressing the float and truck, getting into costume and getting everything to the marshaling area, I somehow managed to not get any great photographs of the Annapolis Heritage Society's float. While the float was in motion I was honestly more interested in waving and staying on my feet as the vessel lurched back and forth. At least in the lurching it felt like a real ship. If anyone in the crowd got some good pictures of our float I would love to see them. The images in this post are a sampling of the floats which were in the parade.

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