Monday, August 30, 2010

Sinclair Inn Museum Window Restoration - Part 4

Now that a few of our summer events have been moved into the past tense, I am going to share some additional images of our 300 year old window from the Sinclair Inn Museum. When I last showed images of this window it had been removed from the museum and the panes had been taken out of the frame. Despite the fact that it was offering up much of its history, in all honesty, it was physically a rather sad looking piece. Over the past month our window restoration expert, Dr. Chris Cooper of Edifice Old Home Magazine, has been busy with this restoration project. It was actually very interesting to see the reverence and care that Chris afforded this window. It quickly became obvious that this was not a standard restoration but an effort to preserve an important Canadian artifact.

This collection of images was taken in early August. At that point, the window had been deglazed, stripped, soaked in linseed oil to revive the wood fibers and conservation grade epoxy was put in place to restore any areas of loss. In at least one case, a piece of 300 year old wood was used to replace parts of the original window which were beyond repair. Having seen the damaged state of the window when it came out of the house, this was a miraculous transformation. I will post some images of the fully restored and painted sashes in the coming days.

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