Monday, August 16, 2010

A Swim at Lake Larose

While the Annapolis Royal region may be more commonly associated with the salt water of the Bay of Fundy and the Annapolis Basin, we also have more than our share of fresh water. The area around Annapolis Royal boasts a wonderful collection of lakes and rivers. These bodies of water have been used for recreational purposes for generations. From fishing and swimming to canoeing and skipping stones, our fresh water has been appreciated by many people. Truthfully, there are still few things nicer than sitting by the side of a lake on a warm summer night and watching the night sky.

Today's image comes from the Perkins Collection in the Annapolis Heritage Society Archives. This seemed to be an appropriate image for the middle of August. This picture was taken by Charlotte Perkins, one of the great chroniclers of Annapolis Royal's history, circa 1905. This lake is found on the South Mountain about 10 minutes outside of Annapolis Royal. The image shows a couple of children (labelled E.K. and A.K.) swimming at Lake Larose. Based on other images in this collection, I am assuming that A.K. is Arthur Kelsall. E.K. is more than likely another member of the Kelsall family.

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