Thursday, September 2, 2010

Annapolis Royal to Bridgetown Rat Run

There is a rumbling in the air and stillness of a late summer evening in Annapolis Royal evening has been broken by a powerful force. Has this disruption been caused by the quickly advancing hurricane Earl? Is this the sound of students as they head back to school? No, this is a rumbling caused by motors, large powerful motors. Impending hurricane or not, motorcycles have started to roll through Annapolis Royal on their way to the Wharf Rat Rally in Digby. Sadly, it sounds like we will hear rumbling of hurricane Earl on Saturday.

Last year, a year without a hurricane, there were some 20 000 motorcycles in Digby for this event. There were also estimates of 80 000 people taking part in some portion of the Wharf Rat festivities. With the streets of Digby filled with activity, many of the participants chose to spend part of their time visiting Annapolis Royal. We were very happy to welcome these leather clad visitors and their bikes. In fact, with the help of graphic designer Jim Todd and our friends at the Historic Gardens, we have designed a historic rat on a motorcycle image for this year's event. Our general idea behind the image came from wondering what a penny farthing bicycle would look like chopper style. Add a rat in a bowler hat, a lantern for a headlight and a wooden rum barrel for a gas tank and we have our rat. The version included in this post is still the unfinished sketch since this was the only version I had hiding in my files at home. By the way, Trish Fry at the Historic Gardens has named the rat Roger.

If you are participating in the Wharf Rat Rally this weekend, a handful of local businesses and attractions are offering the chance to win an overnight stay in Annapolis Royal. Sheets are available at the O'Dell House Museum and Historic Gardens for a Rat Run between Annapolis Royal and Bridgetown. An image of Roger and his fancy bike will be hidden in each of the businesses. By finding the image and getting a stamp from each of the eight sites, participants will be entered into the draw. Hurricane or not, I hope that the Wharf Rat Rally is a successful event this year.
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  1. We had a great deal of fun designing the Roger the Rat logo. There were a whole lot of elements in an earlier design but we decided that things needed to be simplified. It was nice to let the imagination run free for a while.