Friday, September 3, 2010

Calm Before the Storm

Today was a day of making preparations for the arrival of an unwanted visitor. Normally the Annapolis Royal region is quite hospitable but, when the visitor is a potential category 1 hurricane, we would rather not roll out the welcome mat. In fact, mats were rolled up and stored, mats, lawn chairs were put away and hanging flower baskets were brought inside. Short of leaving a note taped to the Town's highway sign saying "Earl Go Home" we really could not have been more clear. Sadly, Hurricane Earl was not pay any attention to these signs and will blow and rain as it sees fit.

We were actually busy with hurricane preparations at the Annapolis Heritage Society's museums today. While we may have been going a bit over the top, I felt that it was important that we take precautions to protect our collections. Artifacts in our care are part of a public trust that we must take seriously. Paintings were removed from the walls and stored in safe locations, plastic sheets and garbage bags were used to cover furniture and artifacts were moved away from windows. Emergency supplies were brought out of their storage locations so that they could be found quickly if a disaster strikes. At the end of the storm this may have been wasted effort but, I am glad that we took the needed steps to protect our collections.

The photographs in this post show a rather hazy Annapolis Basin at about 5pm this evening. As of 11pm the weather is still calm and peaceful, but the hurricane is not expected to reach Nova Scotia until about 9am tomorrow morning. If the storm does indeed blow up the Bay of Fundy, tomorrow should be an interesting day.

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