Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fort Anne Postcards - Part 2

A few months ago I made a post showing some of the postcard images of Fort Anne National Historic site that we have at the Annapolis Heritage Society Archives. Through the years, this has been the single most photographed landscape in Annapolis Royal. From community celebrations and historic reenactments to history fanatics and eager tourists, this landscape has been photographed time and again. When you consider the history of the site this attention really makes sense.

This area at the junction of the Annapolis and Allains Rivers was a seasonal encampment site for the Mi'Kmaq and their ancestors for thousands of years. When the French arrived, this spot was used to grow grain for the ill fated deMonts / Poutrincourt Habitation. The arrival of the Scots in 1629 saw the establishments of the first fortifications on this site with the establishment of Charlesfort. Although the site was returned to the French in 1632 it would not remain a French holding. Through the 17th and 18th centuries this fort changed hands between the French and British numerous times as the two European powers struggled to control North America. This tranquil site is in fact the most fought over piece of land in Canada.

Today, Fort Anne National Historic Site is not a place of hostile conflict. It is a place of learning, of quiet contemplation, or recreation and of civic pride. No wonder people keep taking pictures and buying postcards.

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  1. Fort Anne is absolutely my most favourite spot for summer reading.

    I used to live in an apartment above what used to be an antique store in the Anna Gloria building. (we had 9 windows that looked out on the basin!)I would grab a small picnic blanket, an apple or two and a tea in a travel mug and my current read and head over to the Fort and find a nice tranquil spot by the water and read for HOURS!

    The most fighting I ever witnessed was just a couple of gulls over a clam or fish in the basin.

  2. If you walk out through the sally port to the space under the oak trees you will also find the best spot in Annapolis Royal for a picnic.