Saturday, September 25, 2010

The General's Bridge

I was asked earlier today if we had many old images of the nearby community of Lequille in the archival collection at the Annapolis Heritage Society. Whenever archival imagery of Lequille is discussed, the first thing which usually comes to mind is the famous print of the General's Bridge by William Henry Bartlett. WH Bartlett was born in Kentish Town, London in 1809. During his career as an illustrator he travelled the British countryside, the Balkans, the Middle East and North America. In 1842, he produced a book of prints entitled Canadian Scenery which contained a number of images of the Annapolis Royal area. The print of the General's Bridge shows a collection of Mi'kmaw teepees standing before the river. A bridge, theoretically the General's, crosses the river in the background. An archival print like this one provides an interesting glimpse into part of our community prior to the advent of photography.

Today's second archival image was taken by Charlotte Perkins circa 1900. This image shows the General's Bridge area from another angle. I find this an interesting image because Miss Perkins obviously used a long exposure when taking the photograph. Because of this, the rushing water almost looks like a river of cotton candy. The gentle appearance of the water stands in stark contrast to the trees on the riverbanks which have not yet come into leaf.

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