Monday, September 6, 2010

Good Luck

There is a somewhat apocryphal story about an advertisement for a missing dog. As the story goes, the ad describes that the dog is blind in one eye, missing a leg, has a skin condition, is incontinent and has an assorted number of other ailments. At the end of the long list of maladies the ad mentions that the dog answers to the name of Lucky. This story of the missing dog came to mind as I was looking at this series of archival images tonight.

Now, the story of an inappropriately named dog may seem like a strange thing to be thinking about when looking at images of ship which has run aground in the Annapolis Basin. Everything makes much more sense when you learn that the grounded ship is named Good Luck. Were the owners asking for trouble by naming a ship Good Luck? Did the fates decide that any ship with such an auspicious name should encounter some hardships? I am not sure that I have the answer for these questions but, I do know that I enjoy a good example of irony when I find one.

The Good Luck looks to have run aground on the Granville Ferry shore between the bridge and the old ferry slip. It may actually be sitting on the remains of the ferry slip. Since I can find no record of the event itself, it is difficult to put a date on these images. Since the Annapolis Royal to Granville Ferry bridge can clearly be seen in two of the photographs, we can establish 1920 as the earliest possible date for the images. Another hint can be found in the view of Annapolis Royal behind the ship in the second image. Under magnification you can see the house which currently stands beside the O'Dell House Museum. This house was built in 1935 which brings the date of the Good Luck's accident forward at least 15 years.

I would love to know if anyone has memories of the grounding of the Good Luck. I assume that the vessel was set free on the next tide. Certainly there is no wreck sitting on the shore in Granville Ferry today.

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