Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nova Scotia Day at the O'Dell House Museum

Yesterday afternoon we celebrated Nova Scotia Day in Annapolis Royal. With help from our friends at Fort Anne and the Town of Annapolis Royal's Team 300, we had a series of events through the lower part of the town. Nova Scotia Day was enacted by our Provincial Legislature in 2009 to commemorate King James I signing the Royal Charter of Nova Scotia in 1621. As a part of the ceremonies, Parks Canada launched a new web page for the original copy of the Charter which can be found at Fort Anne.

Another highlight of the day were historic vignettes written by Peggy Armstrong. The vignettes, entitled The Birth of New Scotland, took place at both Fort Anne and the O'Dell House Museum. At the Fort King James and Sir William Alexander were shown discussing their plans for the establishment of a New Scotland in North America. To listen to the discussions this was indeed a glorious and bold enterprise. At the O'Dell House Museum we met the crew of the ship Eagle. The year is 1629 and these men have been waiting at Dumbarton harbour for over a year while Alexander managed to gather sufficient "monies and provisions" to supply the settlers. When we meet them the crew are grumpy, fighting with each other and not particularly keen on a trip into the unknown. If you look carefully you will actually find me among the cast of this vignette.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get any images of the presentations and vignette at Fort Anne. At that point, I was trying to make sure that all of our details at the O'Dell House Museum were in order for the arrival of the crowd. The images in this collection show the performance at the O'Dell House Museum as well as the procession between the venues.

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