Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Commemorating 1710 - Part 1

It was a day of commemorations in the former French community of Port Royal. Today's commemorations marked the end of the French regime in Acadie and the beginning of a Nova Scotia controlled by the British. 300 years ago the French garrison marched out of the Fort at Port Royal and handed the keys to Francis Nicholson who commanded the combined British and New England force. This was end of Port Royal and the beginning of Annapolis Royal. If you care to rank these things, this is probably the second most important military action in eighteenth century Canada. I would say that only the 1759 Battle of Quebec has had a more profound influence on future events.

The images in this post are a slection of those taken during today's commemoration at Fort Anne. Today's events were jointly organized by our friends at the Historical Association of Annapolis Royal and the Town of Annapolis Royal's 300th Anniversary team. In these pictures we see the handover of the keys to the fort from the French Governor, Daniel d'Auger de Subercause to the British, Colonel Francis Nicholson. We also see the lowering of the French white cross (the white flag) and the raising of the British Grand Union Flag.

There are a number of photographs from other parts of today's commemorations which I will share in the coming days.

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