Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flying Above the Crow's Nest

It is not all that often that you can see the past and the future colliding in one image. Granted, propeller driven biplanes are not currently a vision of the future but, when this picture was taken this was revolutionary technology. What we see in this image are three biplanes flying over the mast of a schooner. For a long time the only way to get an aerial view of the Annapolis Royal area would have been to climb the ratlines to the top of the mast of a vessel in the harbour. With a roar of engines and a whir of propellers, airplanes would have quickly been looking down on the tops of these masts.

In many ways this photograph, probably taken in the late 1920s, represents many of the changes which took place in the twentieth century. The world went from one where horses and sailing vessels, which had been used for centuries, were quickly replaced by automobiles and airplanes. The clop of hooves and the crackle of canvass were supplanted by the sounds of working machinery. This photograph perfectly captures the transition between two eras.

While I am on the moving forward into the future theme, I also have something on the news front today. Earlier today I was telling someone that every October I seem to take the jump into a new form of social media. In October 2008 I started this blog. I find it hard to believe that it has actually been around for two years and four hundred and thirty odd posts already. Last October I started the AHS Twitter account. This year I have finally made the fateful jump to start a Facebook page. I have decidedly been holding off setting up a Facebook page but, I figure that I have given myself enough time that it is time to take a headlong leap deeper into the social media abyss. It makes me feel really dramatic and daring when I write it that way.

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