Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm Ready for my Close-up Now

I knew that it is going to be an odd day when I was asked to sign a "model release form" before 10am. At that time in the morning the coffee has barely had the chance to make me mildly human. Add to that the fact that I am not physically what most people would consider model material and you have the beginnings of an interesting day.

Today was the day that Phil Neville and Susan Gilson from the Council of Nova Scotia Archives were in Annapolis Royal filming our Routes to your Roots YouTube video. Routes to your Roots is an innovative collaboration between the CNSA and the Province of Nova Scotia where researchers can find the region of the province that their ancestors came from. This is very helpful since it also allows you to discover the archival collections which may hold vital clues in your search for your ancestors. As a part of the project, they have been filming short YouTube videos at archives around Nova Scotia. You can check out some of Phil's archival adventures around the province in his blog.

My role was a fairly simple one. It could be summed up as talking to the camera about the AHS archival holdings. I talked in the tavern room, front parlour hallway and genealogy room of the of the O'Dell House Museum. I talked in the AHS's archival storage vault at the Annapolis Royal Court House. I also talked while standing beside the 1720 Bathiah Douglass gravestone in the Garrison Burial Ground while the rain poured down on all of us. Good thing that we are at the end of the visitor season and my vocal cords are in good shape. It should be an interesting editing job for Phil and Susan because I kept ad-libbing lines. I suppose that the ad-libbed lines will be easier to deal with than the totally flubbed lines. I will post a link when the final edited version is ready.

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